TrionZ Bracelets & Trion:Z Golf Necklaces

IonicGear is pleased to offer the Active TrionZ Brand of negative ion magnets. The Brand that PGA Golfers swear by and their competition swears at.  Expect the best with Trion Z golf sportswear.
For those that like the outdoors see our new magnetic active bracelet that comes in many colors.

The power balance TrionZ Necklace is known worldwide for quality negative ion ionic magnetic bracelets.  The Phiten Titanium and TrionZ Active and Dual Loop Bracelets are best known the baseball leagues in Japan this item started making its way to the United States and Canada when professional baseball players were drafted to these teams. These players swore by the original Dual Loop magnetic bracelet and loved how they looked and made them feel. Best of all the it really works.  

All of our Trion z Bracelets, Phiten necklaces and Broadband TrionZ jewelry are offered with free shipping directly to your location.

The new lite version is out and I really like them.  The Trion z lite necklace is great as you can also use it around your ankle by double wrapping it.  Another added benefit is the material as it is like the active so will not absorb sweat unlike the dual loop fabric.  The Phiten Sport can also be used this way.

Now Golf users Tennis, Hikers and everyday users swear by how the TrionZ negative ions make them feel.


Free Shipping On All Phiten titanium gear, Trion Z Active, Dual loop and Broadband , Qlink and Sabona sports products.

Do Colantotte Trionz Bracelets really work ? Personal Testimony from My wife " I sleep better every night and the TrionZ broadband really does work" 

See the new Trion:Z College bracelets coming soon with sports logos.

Trion:Z Active Wrist Bracelets
BroadBand TrionZ
Trion Z Neckace

Colors available Black, Red, Yellow, Pink, Camp, Blue, White, Green, Sky Blue and dual loop.