Phiten is known in many sports venues and worn by many professionals throughout the world.  The X30 fireball has some nice colors in its Titanium necklace that will complement clothing line of baseball players, tennis stars and golf players.

We expect all of the Phiten Necklaces to be up in about a month so please come back for this popular line.

See the E.T.S Phild Technology  process video to learn how the Phiten phild process works on infusing clothing and fabric.  It a very unique and interesting process that takes place in the exclusive manufacturing process.  Phiten producs works to stabileze the flow of energy in your body.

This allows your nerves and muscles alowing your body to reach its full potential stabilizing your body and allows the huam body to stabilize and reach it's fullest potential in sports and everyday activites.

Experience the energy ofthe titanium bracelets and necklaces. 

With over 90 patents issued  worldwide the Phiten Phild process dissolves titanium into a liquid  at the nano levelwhich then can be  absorbs into fabrics and other materials.  These producs then emit energy which optimizes atheletic performance and improving bio electric current at the cellular level, Blood cells cary more oxygen and muscles can utilize more energy.

Used by many sports teams and players such as the MLB baseball players.