Trion:Z Necklace

Introducing the TrionZ Magnetic Necklace for the Active lifestyle. If you are looking for the phiten necklaces we will have those soon as well.

@ versions to choose from the standard an the new lite version.

Trion Z Necklace: Wear your  jewelry ound your neck with pride. It comes in countless colors and 3 sizes except the lite. S, M, L

Golf players swear by the Trion Z necklaces and Active bracelets . Each one of the necklaces can be worn around your neck or even double or triple wrap as an ankle bracelet.

Feel the power of therapeutic magnets combines with the minus-ions creating a synergistic force. For the trendy folks who love to accessorize with jewlery.

Trion:Z Necklaces may help guard  your body from burdens and physiciological stressors associated with physical activity with Trion:Z magnetic/minus-ion products.

For Other Trionz dual loop Bracelets and golf accessories see link.

Trion:Z is committed to implementing superior commodities for the market of sports and fitness and providing remarkable value to customers dependant on quality magnetic goods. Each necklace and bracelet is made with award winning magnetic and ionic technology. Earning international exposure in all major sport categories worldwide, we believe in the importance of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Since our founding in 2005, over 1,200 professional basketball, baseball, cricket, and golf to name a few, have proudly worn Trion:Z.
New Lite Trionz necklaces in stock



Standard Single loop                                                                New Lite Single loop TrionZ