Introducing the new Lite versions of the TrionZ products.  Where they came up with Lite I have no idea as that typically refers to lower version.

All of the Single loop Trion z lite bracelets and necklaces are the nicer in my opinion than the standard ion gear.  You be the judge and let us know  This is available only in Med and Large and in Black and White only.

trion Z

Trion Z Lite Necklace Black

The newest version of The Trion Z series of necklaces is called the lite and in stock. 63202 63203
A little more sleek than previous versions the lite necklace is plus it is waterproof.  The Black lite necklace will match all of your outfits and offers the same protection as all of the other TrionZ bracelets and necklaces do.
trion Z
Lite Necklace White

TrionZ Lite Necklace White

The White Lite Single loop Trion Z Necklace is a real gem.  It can be used anywear on the golf greens or out for a night on won.

Item number 63222 and 63223

 The White lite necklace works the same as any of the other ionic gear but offers the additon of not absorbing sweat as it is waterproof like some TrionZ bracelets and necklaces do.