Sport Necklace

If you get wet alot this is the Phiten for you.  Each of the Sport Necklaces is called the S-type and is made with a silicone material that will not allow sweat or water to permeate into it.

All of the sport necklaces feature the embedding of titanium spheres are 100% waterproof so no more sweaty golf  or baseball gear.  Many tennis players and water sports people like this version.  Phiten S-Types come in

  • Black/White
  • Navy/White
  • Clear/Pink
  • Clear/White
    And in 2 sizes Small  17 inches and Med 22 Inches
  • Also See the new Jennie Finch Pink Softball necklace Infused with Micro Titanium Spheres zones, along with Titanium Silica for superior effectiveness.