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Trion Z
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Sweet Pink we have them in stock.  Great for the girl golfer or avid adventurer. Pink TrionZ Active Ionic Bracelet Enjoy your Active lifestyle in or out of the water!!

TrionZ Active Magnetic Ion Bracelet Pink from Trion:Z takes water sports to the extreme! Active Trionz Bracelets combine the minus-ion and magnet technology that has made Trion:Z products so popular among professional athletes with a waterproof silicone band to be the perfect combination for active sports enthusiasts. Colorful, stylish and comfortable, the Active™ is sure to be a hit among young and old alike. The twin-1000 gauss magnets in a patented Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO) provides increased magnetic field flow. It's capsule of minus ion-producing minerals produces 50 to 100 times the minus ion power of competitors' products. Energize your lifestyle with Active from Trion Z.
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17 cm (6.8")
19 cm (7.6")
21 cm (8.4")