Trion:Z Broadband Wrist: Black/Black

Trion Z
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If you are play sportslike golf then the Trion Z black Broadband Bracelet will be a lifesaver.  Absorbing sweat and working for you with its negative ionioc properties. .

Energize your game with the Broadband Trion:Z. Broadband combines the power of minus ions and magnets in a unique combination unlike any other sports brand on the market.Trion:Z Broadband Magnetic/Ion Bracelets feature:
  • Made with Stayers technology for maximum effectiveness
  • Generates significant, beneficial levels of minus ions
  • Produces 50 to100 times more minus ions than other ionized bracelets
  • Medical grade magnets are used in a unique, patented Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation to maximize magnetic field flow
  • Penetrates deeper into tissue fibers and muscle
  • Can be washed and will still maintain its minus-ion producing properties when wet
  • Can be worn while swimming or surfing
  • If you have any pre sale questions or would like to write a review on Trion:Z active Bracelets or Necklace feel free to email us your TrionZ questions
    TrionZ Broadband


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