Trion:Z Dual Loop (Red/White)

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The red and white dual loop bracelet by Trion Z is one of my favorites in the negitive ion braclets they have.  It matches many of my golf outfits.

We offer everyone the opportunity to purchase this to help improve aspects of the activities they enjoy such as golf.  Used by many professional golfers world wide and has been seen on many players on the Pga.

Trion:Z Does it work? Research While waiting for my Trion:Z gear to arrive I conducted some research into the whole notion of minus ions and to a lesser extent, Trion:Z itself. The overwhelming majority of people fit into 1 of 3 categories: 1.Firm detractors - Minus ions, positive ions, Trion:Z, and pretty much anything associated with it is junk science. There’s nothing to it. These products don’t do anything. 2.Firm believers - Trion:Z has changed their lives. They swear by the product and would sooner give up the arm they wear the bracelet on than give up the bracelet itself. 3.The Japanese - Either they’re way ahead of us, or they’ve bought into what group 1 will have you believe is one of the biggest scams every perpetuated on the public. What I can tell you is that, in Japan, companies can’t sell something as basic as a toaster if it doesn’t give off minus ions.